When faced with demanding situations, demand the most from your resources. Paladin is the trusted partner to get you the products you need to best navigate mortuary surges. With deep knowledge and experience manufacturing refrigerated and disaster response vehicles of all types, the Paladin 53-foot mobile morgue expansion trailers are purpose-built for safe, dignified decedent storage.

Standard Specifications

  • 53-foot insulated/refrigerated semi-trailer
  • Self-contained refrigeration unit
  • 48-inch wide x 24-foot long/1,500 lb. capacity
  • Rear access ramp with handrails (color-coded assembly)
  • Rear insulated wall with integrated cooler door for easy access
  • Interior LED lighting (120VAC)
  • 14, 4-tray aluminum (lightweight) heavy duty rolling cadaver racks

  • 56 aluminum (lightweight) heavy duty cadaver trays with cam straps
  • Rear motion-controlled LED area/ramp lighting
  • Crates and straps to secure all loose items
  • Wrenches for railing securement
  • 100-foot HD power cable for interior lighting
  • On-site maintenance
  • Manuals and guides

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