Portable Morgue
Expansion Cube

Paladin offers the Portable Morgue Expansion Cube (PMEC) as an easy-to-use mortuary expansion option that provides the utmost in dignity and respect for decedents.  With its collapsible storage and convenient set-up, the PMEC supports the fulfillment of ongoing mortuary surge management strategies by making sure the right resources are available at the right time. 

The PMEC is quick and simple to assemble, conveniently operates on 110-Volt power and easily collapses to fit into most storage closets when not in use.

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Standard Specifications

  • Stows on wheels in only 38 square feet
  • Sets up in approximately 30 minutes with no tools
  • Deploys within an approximately 70 square foot area
  • Room for 12 decedents (3 Bariatric)
  • 120V/15A Electrical Service
  • 10,000 lb. capacity

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